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Jump start your employer branding process with our support

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After finishing this course, you will have the following competencies to:

  • Understand and teach others about key definitions, their purpose and application in the field of employer branding

  • Apply latest scientific research and most important concepts about employer branding environment

  • Develop an EVP - and more importantly how to discover what is "of value" to your employees

  • Understand employee/candidate behaviors and how employer branding plays a role in attracting/retaining the right people

  • Engage management and colleagues to collaborate in your organisation to achieve the success of your employer branding strategy

  • Activate employer branding strategy and develop programs to improve hiring and retention

Course instructor is employer branding consultant, author of TalentRepublic podcast and employer branding trainer with more than 50 articles and tutorials about management of your employer brand.

Employer branding is a strategic initiative which is more than one project, it encompasses many projects working together to serve the needs of the most important stakeholders - your employees.

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We will aim to transform your career and grow confidence to excel in employer branding area

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How to approach this topic in your organisation? Where to start? Which questions to ask?

How to build the employer branding rationale and business case?

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Combination of online resources, lessons and mentoring is the most efficient way to get in-depth understanding of the most important employer branding concepts and tools.
Which initiatives to start and which KPI's you want to impact? How to build on your company's strengths? 

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How to balance employer branding investments? Are you pushing in the right direction? Learning about employer branding is the easy part, executing on strategy and getting results is always hard. That's why you'll have all the support. 

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Employer Brand

Awards Adria 2021

Best Employer Brand Awards Adria are open for application. Our goal is to share the best experiences, promote market leaders and accelarete the importance of strategic employer brand management

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Employer Branding 

Strategy Consulting

The essence of a brand is knowing and consistently living your business's authentic stories so that management, sales, marketing, customer service, all employees within your organization - synchronize their behaviors and messages in a compelling way that is meaningful to anyone interacting with them.

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