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Jump start your employer branding process with our 1-day workshop

1-day in house workshop


Our purpose is to accelarate the adoption and benefits of strategic employer brand management 


Employer Brand

Awards 2019

First Croatia's Best Employer Brand Awards are open for application. Out goal is to share the best experiences, promote market leaders and accelarete the importance of strategic employer brand management

Employer Branding 

Strategy Consulting

The essence of a brand is knowing and consistently living your business's authentic stories so that management, sales, marketing, customer service, all employees within your organization - synchronize their behaviors and messages in a compelling way that is meaningful to anyone interacting with them.

You are hiring and need to make efficient assessment?

Try out online and video testing plaftorm

We are regional market leaders with more than 22,000 assessments. Find out why the largest companies in SEE region use our platform


Shorten time-to-hire

Lower cost-per-hire

Improve quality-of-hire

“Employer branding is the act of making change happen.”

Ready to apply for Croatia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2019?