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How To Create Awesome Company Career Site

Updated: Jan 21

There is a growing need to have a place where all relevant details about career opportunities and job vacancies are available for potential employees.

Think about it this way - every time you need to hire someone you can:

a) pay money to advertise a job vacancy or

b) benefit from strong employer brand and attract candidates to apply just because they liked your career page and information available there.

Strong Career Site will attract job candidates and decrease cost per hire

To build a career site means to make a certain investment in:

  • web development

  • content: pictures, articles, videos, employee stories, interesting job descriptions, newsletter, etc

  • administration of career page: analytics, updates, job vacancies, new content, campaigns.

So if you are making an investment, some benefits should be visible. What are the main benefits of having a career page?

  1. Utilising your own career site is on average 70% faster than traditional hiring methods.

  2. A career site can ensure that the top talent views and applies to your vacancy. To ensure this it is important that every page on your Career Site includes the right balance of relevant keywords, page specific SEO friendly URL’s as well as appropriate Meta tags and links. Every position you post should have it’s own page which in turn is SEO optimised. This should happen automatically and be created when posting the position.

  3. Recruiting direct through your company career site can reduce job advertising cost by around 35%

  4. Branding - candidates, especially the best ones, crave information. They want to know about your company and it’s culture so they can make an informed decision. Your career site is the best place for you to control this flow of information and sell them on your organisation.

Do you want to have a great Career Site or just to have one?

Unfortunately, there are more bad examples than good ones and it is quite hard to build high quality career site. Building great career site requires very strong design skills, strong creative writing and story telling skills and having a great taste about high quality content. It's no wonder career sites are usually pretentious, artificial, messy and boring. There is one more important thing about career sites - they should be updated regulary and have new and interesting content - which means someone should be actively working only on those activities, and companies rarely invest in having resources only for that area.

What is wrong with majority of Career Sites?

You rarely see an overview of bad examples because it's nicer to talk about good examples in general. So we will not directly name and link bad examples, rather pin-point on main segments which should be improved if aiming for a great career site.

Here's the list:


To define our terms correctly, authenticity means honesty. This is one of the most important concepts in today's marketing and content management. When creating employee relevant content, companies are just out of touch with authenticity. All the pictures, stories, examples, shared messages are just so... fake, or at least look like it. Please, try to write about some difficult situations and experiences, how someone DID NOT manage to be a good fit, dissapointments - figure something out but balance the shiny content with real work-life examples.


Don't you want to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment where hard work is rewarded? Yes.. something like that, you get the picture. If you can not tell the difference between generic content and well-thought and company relevant content, then you're stuck with the first one.


This section is rarely anything new about the company itself. Think about how is this info relevant for your job candidates and does it help them to make a decision about working at your company, understanding your culture or getting excited about the things you do in your organization.


Even if a company has an idea what should be attractive to certain segments of potential employees, it rarely present this information in an attractive and a meaningful way. If you have invested to attract potential hires to your career site, why don't you present all the right reasons to join your company? That's the purpose of having a career site in the first place.


As already stated, it is not easy to create well designed web sites and career pages in general. Some companies can not stop selling their products so even if you're at careers section, the most important options are always product relevant. Some like to make it hard to find job vacancies, some have job vacancies with very poor descriptions. Usually if there is content which might be relevant for job opportunity (like some video or employee experience), its rarely linked together with job description. Some have all the relevant sections but lack the content behind each, e.g. - Why work for us? - with little relevant descriptions and arguments. Some lack photo and video integration options so the formats are all over the place, some have .pdf files where you would hope only page will be opened, etc.


Some companies have application process "outside" of their career site. Usually a combination with ATS platform (applicant tracking system). Firstly, if you are trying to position yourself on the market as a strong employer brand and want to differentiate, you should have customized application process and make this transition to ATS as smoother as possible. If you only use ATS career sites and strive for building strong employer brand you should think about building your career pages from scratch and have them as integral part of your company web site.

But hey, enough about the bad stuff. Let's see how we can make it better.

Awesome Career Site Guide

Career Sites are much more than just a place with loads of career opportunities. They are your most important resource to engage and attract potential employees. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

1. Ways to Build More Trust in an Organization

Career Site is a unique opprotunity to strengthen your relationship with potential hires and we all know the most fundamental part to any relationship is TRUST. Therefore, you should do the following on your career site:

Communicate regularly and cleary so that everyone understands what your message is.

Walk-the-talk - present how your employees and leaders are walking example of the vision and values of the organization - in an authentic way.

Hire the right talent and make sure you explain why is that important. Share their stories as people want to work with other successful and inspiring individuals.

Show how employees socialize - share important events or ways your culture shines in an unformal setting.

Authenticity leaves your brand top-of-mind in future searches or hiring decisions. Leads to brand loyalty and maybe even advocacy.

2. EVP should be the first thing the visitor sees. If you have employer branding strategy and defined EVP - use it to highlight why you might be attractive employer

If there is a need to segment your messages to several workforce segments - do it, not every benefit or message is relevant to every potential hire. Make content more relevant for the people you are targeting and improve browsing experience. It is important to sell your company to candidates and don't forget that successful sale is never generic and unauthentic. Don't make things which look good, make things which will resonate with talent you want to hire. Of course this is only an addition to your employer brand strategy, improvements in employee experience, figuring out what your potential hires value in a work environment, etc.

According to 2015 LinkedIn research, 62% of professionals across 26 countries ranked employer brand—the company’s reputation as a great place to work—as the deciding factor when applying for a job.

3. Grab your visitors and give them opportunities to stay in touch

If there is an interest and someone has visited your career site but did not find jobs to apply - give them opportunity to stay in touch - either let them submit brief open application or sign-up on career newsletter.

4. Job listings, ads and application process

Help candidates quickly find the positions they’re looking for. Categorizing jobs by department or location is a smart way to help candidates quickly find the positions they’re looking for. Give them context about job role and connect relevant content, video or employee story once a job ad is in place. This helps candidates better identify whether they are a fit for the open position.

You’ll be surprised to know that 27% of candidates don’t understand what’s expected of a role. (Linkedin report)

A peek into company culture also helps candidates pre-qualify themselves and should ultimately “help you avoid hiring people who are bad cultural fits—and should help boost retention,” Christian De Pape, head of marketing at Recruiting Social

Don’t let the application process itself kill all the hard work that went into designing a great careers site. When applicants are engaged and excited to apply (which they are), don't make them regret their decision with complicated application process. It is not about you, it's about them.

Make job ads SEO friendly and help them appear in Google search. If you use a template job description, you’ll most likely use a generic job title like “Product Manager”, whereas, you could easily use one that’s more descriptive and search engine-friendly such as a “Fintech Product Manager”.

5. Engaging visuals

If you want to transform site visitors into potential employees, include visual elements which engage prospects to learn more. You can not do it without photos, infographics and videos. Career site should be well designed to lead the visitor throughout your story, values and culture and create interest to read job ads. It's hard to do it with stock photos and all-purpose marketing video about your company.

6. Make interesting descriptions about main job roles

Candidates usually don't know much about different job roles and business functions. Make it easier for them to learn about the work you do, how you do it, which are main activities in every role... Well informed candidates have significantly higher probabilty to apply for a job vacancy. Short videos are more than welcome. Make sure the information on your site will have an impact as you need to CONVERT visitors into job applicants if they might be a good fit.

7. Integrate social media and employee generated content

Your employees are your best ambassadors. Empower them with right tools and make them a channel to bring people to your career site and to create work related content. You can even integrate an Instagram wall and you have solved the "authenticity" issue with #OurTeamHasFun instagram content. Make content easy to share, like.

8. Make a dynamic FAQ section

Yes, potential employees have questions and some of them are usually similar. Make it easy to get informed and browse FAQ section but make it in a forum setting, that other employees or users can easily join and give their comments and tips. It goes well with creating trust and authenticity.

9. Find your voice. Are you humorous, authoritative, or even a little strange?

Find a way to show your culture, to connect all the team collaboration, sports, voluntary work and initiatives you have in a compelling and authentic way. You can even find a way to showcase your product or some feature of it.

10. How to get a job at -YourCompany-

If candidate has some second thoughts about applying for a job, they need some additional info. Let them know about the hiring process, some great tips and guides what do you look for in your candidates and how will they know is YourCompany good fit for them. The best approach would be if every department director has similar content (article) relevant for careers in their department or HR can make general guide for every applicant.

11. Must have's


Make it easy for visitors to share your job ads via Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, whats app and e-mail to a friend. The Trends in Fortune 500 Careers Web Site Recruiting report states that the ability to email a job to a friend gets a 117% growth of applications in.


A Jobvite study found that about 33% of millennials want to be able to apply for jobs right from their phones.


Imagine the experience of a candidate who takes the time to craft a meaningful application only to see the vacancy is no longer available.


Just like you’d track any other key business page on your website, monitor your careers page as well.

To start with, look at these metrics:

  • Traffic - the monthly traffic your career site gets

  • Conversion rate - the number of applications you receive as opposed to the total traffic the page gets

  • Application drop-off rate - the number of applications which are not finalized as opposed to total applications started

  • Job alerts opt-ins - the number of people signing up to know about future openings - if you have job alert option or newsletter option

  • Referral traffic - determining which job boards or channels send the maximum traffic - if you share jobs at Facebook, Linkedin, job boards - analyse which sites bring you the most visitors and applicants

The data you collect here will translate to insights which will serve you for future optimizations.


If you like to see some other examples before you jump in and start building your own career site, check some of these fine examples:

Telepathy Intuit vmware Avanade


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