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HR social media manager - are you thinking about one?

To improve processes, implement innovations and develop digital strategy - these are the most important challenges every company is hoping to overcome. When discussing about these topics, HR department is not the first that comes to your mind.

Here are 3 main reasons why exactly these issues will be number one topic in HR in the following years.

1. You cannot ignore what is happening.

“You may never know what results come out of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”

Social media "life" is getting more and more attention. Companies, employees and customers were never interlinked like they are today. Our brands are constantly under pressure to communicate with the market and customers. Same goes with HR function. We are posting jobs on social networks, searching for candidates on social networks and managing our employer brand on social networks. Is there a clear strategy in your organisation how and what to communicate - how to build your employer brand, how to engage with talented job candidates - how to improve your KPI's in recruitment - how to attract job applicants, etc. The list can go on and on.

To start with, ask yourself how are you communicating with your job applicants at this moment? You probably get frustrated when someone calls to see is their application submitted? What do you think how job applicants feel? Why does someone apply for a job in your company? What is your re-application rate? Do you care what experience you create to job applicants in the hiring process? Do you ever communicate to candidates after the initial phase and after they didn't end up on the "shortlisted candidates" list? What do you tell them? How do they feel after that e-mail? What is your NPS or TPS (talent-promoter-score)? Do candidates have positive experiences based on which they would recommend you as an employer?

Do you like waiting for an e-mail of rejection for months, just to find out that your dream job opportunity is out of reach, often leaving a bad taste in your mouth?

These are all experiences and emotions job applicants are having when they interact with your company during hiring process. The trick is to figure them out, to analyze emotions and experiences of your job applicants and improve your process to improve candidate experience - then you will have something which could be the foundation of external employer brand communication. It is not the other way around, you don't first create hiring campaign, then try to improve the actual experience.

2. HR marketing will become as important as your product marketing

Employer branding will play a critical role in attraction and retention of top talent. Top talent will be more important than ever - as the complexity of every day operations increases. Things have changed and new generations expect different approach. As you are hiring millenials, you are trying to create candidate experience which is alligned to their expectations. The "old" approach of recruitment, performance management, people management will just not be enough for the new generations and you already know this.

Some years ago, HR departments were organised for administration and protection of employee's rights. Today it is all about talent, performance & KPI's. Tomorrow will be about all that + clear communication of employee value proposition, social media engagement, HR differentiation vs. competition, top talent acquisition, data transparency, performance transparency, optimization, individualization... Or, is it already today?

3. HR function evolution & innovation

In order to be on top of your game in 3-5 years HR will have to:

  • have more resources (people or technology tools),

  • have bigger strategic impact on the company results

  • optimize a lot of their processes and be innovative.

E.g. Deloitte changed his performance management (PM) logic. What might surprise you, or not, they have figured it out that their old-way PM is not improving results nor employee engagement. So they decided: no more cascading objectives, no more once-a-year reviews, and no more 360-degree-feedback tools. They changed everything and now have speed, agility, one-size-fits-one, and constant learning PM logic, and it’s underpinned by a new way of collecting reliable performance data. Full article read here on HBR page.


So, if you do have an HR social media manager, or if you're thinking about one - here's what could be his responsibilities.

HR social media manager will not solve the HR innovation and optimization topics, however it seems it will be a necessity in tackling increasing communication needs of new generations.

HR social media manager job description:

  • Defining HR strategy, goals, activities and KPI's for digital channels.

  • Candidate relations - managing job applicants expectations and employee experience in order to highligh employer brand 'moments of truth' via overall communication on social network channels.

  • Figuring out how to improve engagement and candidate interest in your company (employer attractiveness), doing research and polls to collect relevant data.

  • Managing online feedback and answering any questions (customer support).

  • Content creation and management - achieving consistency between content on all channels (career site, social media, company blog, newsletters), writing articles, newsletters, communication materials - engaging with job applicants and showing them what it means to be successful in your company, sharing employee stories, making HR more open and market oriented, storytelling to important market segments, communicating in line with overall employer brand strategy, etc.

  • Managing events, organizing them and achieving excellent job applicants experience in person.

  • HR online/social media metrics - analysis of social network interactions regarding HR activities - employees - job ads - questions about working in your company - benefits - how many applications come from social network channels - how good are they - how can you improve job ad targeting?

  • Learning from metrics and optimizing content and engagement.

Is HR social media management on its way or you may think it is still to early to happen?

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